Official Release: Makers Social DIY Craft Bar Coming to Franklinton Winter 2019

Makers Social DIY Craft Bar

461 West Rich Street, Franklinton OH 43216

hello@makerscolumbus.com | 614-600-1614

Makers Social | Hammers, Nails & Cocktails

Makers Social, where unique DIY crafting meet a full service cocktail bar, will be opening in Franklinton at the new River and Rich development Winter 2019.

Founder of Makers Social, Megan Pando (owner of Studio 614 in Clintonville, regular on-air guest on Good Day Columbus) has spent over two years curating an exciting menu of crafts and cocktails to bring a brand new DIY Bar concept to life, right here in Columbus, Ohio.

Makers Social’s interior will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before; 70’s Pop Art inspired interior will take over your senses as you browse wall-to-wall pegboard stacked with power tools, quality art supplies, and hand-crafted furniture surrounding a custom built bar packed with premium local spirits.  The vibe will be perfect for a first / last stop of any bachelorette, birthday, or work party, a date night both members can get excited about, and a quality way to spend time with your closest friends and family.

After grabbing a drink from the bar, guests will select a project from Maker’s specially curated menu of over 30 different DIY projects that range from experienced crafter to curious novice.  Once a project is chosen, guests will seat themselves at solid wood workbenches equipped with detailed project instructions, tools, and supplies.

Fueled by a few hand-CRAFTed cocktails such as Screwdrivers and Moscow Tools, as well as some guidance from handy bartenders, DIY-ers will unleash their creative side building wooden beer caddies, engraving metal luggage tags, hand-stitching leather wallets, beading their own jewelry, and more.

“That feeling of accomplishment after I complete a new project is the type of achievement I live for!” explained Megan Pando, founder of Makers Social. “Many folks have never experienced that feeling apart from building new IKEA furniture… which let’s be honest, isn’t always an enjoyable process. These projects are functional items for everyday use, accessories you’ll want to rock, and customizable household decor your friends will ask about.”

All Makers Social projects are structured for beginners and artists alike, and most require only a everyday hand tool. If you’ve had one too many beers, you may get banned from the scissors, but there will be plenty of seating for folks who just want to watch sports and throw a few back.

“We’re excited to be in Franklinton and plan to give all residents a permanent ‘community discount’. We plan to prove that with some confidence, a pair of pliers, and some help from our handy staff, you can MAKE anything happen.”

Makers Social is currently under construction and is anticipating a grand opening in early November.

You can visit their website to sign up for an invite to their grand opening, at www.makerscolumbus.com