July 25, 2019 pando


Makers Social, where DIY crafts meet a full service bar, is opening in Franklinton this fall at the new River and Rich development. Brought to you by Megan Pando, the founder of Studio 614 in Clintonville, this plan has been in the works for over 2 years. With a wall-to-wall pegboard of tools and supplies, guests will learn how to make their own creations from a menu of over 30 different DIY projects (with new crafts released each season). Upon choosing their projects, guests will then take their seats at the solid wood workbenches with their project instructions, tools, and supplies. Fueled by a few hand-CRAFTed cocktails such as Screwdrivers and Moscow Tools, as well as some guidance from the handy bartenders, DIY-ers will build wooden beer caddies, engrave metal luggage tags, hand-stitch leather wallets, bead jewelry, pour concrete coasters, and more. 

“That feeling of accomplishment after I complete a new project is the type of achievement I live for!” explained Megan Pando, founder of Makers Social. “Many folks have never experienced that feeling apart from building new IKEA furniture… which let’s be honest, isn’t always an enjoyable process. These projects are functional items for everyday use, accessories you’ll want to rock, and customizable household decor.”

All projects are structured for beginners and artists alike, and no heavy power tools are required. If you’ve had one two many beers, you may be banned from the scissors, but there will be plenty of seating for folks who just want to watch sports and throw a few back.

“We’re excited to be in Franklinton and plan to give all residents a permanent ‘community discount’. We plan to prove that with some confidence, a pair of pliers, and some help from our handy staff, you can MAKE anything happen.”

Makers Social is anticipating their opening in early November. You can visit their website to sign up for an invite to their grand opening, at www.makers-columbus.com