What are we even doing here at Makers Social?

  • Does everyone have to make the same thing?
    Nope! Everyone will be given supplies, tools, & step-by-step instructions to complete their individual projects!
  • How long do the projects take?
    They range between 1 hour & 3 hours. Upon arrival, everyone will check out the menu of projects which states how long each one specifically takes.
  • Are kids allowed to join?
    Yep! We recommend adult supervision for all kids, and especially those under 10. There are sharp tools, scissors, and hammers EVERYWHERE. All of our projects are great for kids approximately age 8+ (and with adult help).
  • Will my clothes get messy? What should I wear?
    We have aprons, but we definitely recommend leaving your Gucci sweater at home. We use leather dye, wood stain, and acrylic paint. These are all difficult (sometimes impossible) to remove from fabric.
  • Do you have non-alcoholic drinks?
    Of course! We have delicious mocktails, soda pops, juice, non-alcoholic beers, etc.
  • Can we bring our own food?
    Yes, you may bring in any food you'd like! We only serve popcorn, chips, and fruit snacks. Be sure to bring your own utensils as well.
  • What's the difference between a private event & a reservation?
    If you plan a private event with us, you of course have the whole space to yourselves. You will be required to meet a cost minimum to do so. With a large reservation, you're simply given your own tables reserved all together, but you wouldn't have the whole space to yourselves.
  • How big of a reservation can I make?
    Just email us if you have more than 10 people, and we'll help you choose if you'd want a private party or just a large reservation during our open hours. [email protected]
  • Where can I park?
    Paid parking is available on the streets via the ParkColumbus smartphone app, and there is a paid garage directly behind our building.
  • Does everyone have to make a project?
    Of course not! If some people in your group don't want to, they can always join to just simply socialize. After all, it's in our name, so that's half of our mission!

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